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Our life and way of thinking

Our grandparents always taught us to be fair and honest. We still hear their quiet little voices and quivering sentences that take us far. Artisan traders who make their own homemade or home grown products must have a completely different way of thinking. They must love what they do and they must love people!

"Serving people nicely is one of the cornerstones of our business, which starts with greeting the customers, asking how they are and ends with wishing them a nice day when they are leaving!"

It is the task of our generation to change the earlier mentality. In Hungary for a long time bitterness and sadness characterised people, even when they entered a shop. We wanted to change that by all means! Here in Grandma’s Shop of Homemade Goodies a smile is always indispensable. As a result of that, seventy-eighty percent of our clientele is a regular. Thus we get to know them better and better and we can talk about more and more things. This is the way how we act with our customers and also with each other. We do our best to make all of the staff feel good here, because if they do they can radiate positive energy to the customers.

Maintaining our high quality is just as important for us, maybe it is one of the most important things for us to keep our customers happy. We are right on track which is proven by the many customers who care deeply about Grandma’s Shop of Homemade Goodies!

My grandma always said, "The human body rests at night, but if it works instead, that’s a sacrifice!"

Artisanship basically means care and attention. With the procedures and ingredients that we use that’s the only way it can be done. We don’t use additives as it would not fit our way of thinking! If we could not get hold of high-quality ingredients, we would not do our business in Grandma’s Shop of Homemade Goodies for 18 years. And this is not a dogma, but we socialized in this spirit!

We want to give quality to people and for this it is naturally very important who produces the base material, how and in what spirit. It seems strange for many people why farmers do not try to optimise the natural processes by using synthetic substances, but it was self-evident for thousands of years: for the purpose of mass production, serving economic goals, upsetting nature’s complex and sensitive balance, we do not risk the pureness and sustainability of our food.

All this leads to a kind of deliberately rebuilt personality and trust, which is essential for us, as we are responsible for what we put on the table of people to eat.

Grandma’s Grocery     Address: 1013 Budapest, 1st district, at 5, Pauler street     Telephone: 36-1-202-73-93
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