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Our products

"With the extinction of homestead farming we risk that traditions
with irreplaceable knowledge would disappear.
The desire of later generations to recognize these products will be a lost cause!"

Our constant aim is to make our homemade products meet the most demanding and delicate taste of our customers. Our homemade goods contain an extremely rich harmony of flavours and the result deserves special attention. Grandma’s Shop of Homemade Goodies in the first district, with its rustic atmosphere, well fits the inner city’s dynamic, developing and innovative image. Grandma’s Shop of Homemade Goodies is one of the city’s most popular heritages, which fills the dull, grey, hectic and cranky days of urban people with the proper content and atmosphere.

Each one of our homemade products gives you unique experience, and the owner personally ensures the excellence of the ingredients. This is exactly why we take our work seriously, as we well know that this attitude will surely turn our customers’ needs into a real experience.

Our principle: We would like to give you rich experience and that’s why we keep stepping over our limits and leaving our comfort zone.

Grandma’s Shop of Homemade Goodies deserved again the prize of TOP10 delicatessens of Budapest, awarded by the culinary magazine ”Magyar Konyha”. Our shop is now included in the publication of ’TOP10 BUDAPEST GASZTROKALAUZ’, year 2018 and year 2019 editions.

The magazine BEST OF BUDAPEST have chosen Grandma’s Shop of Homemade Goodies AMONGST THE BEST GOURMET SHOPS OF YEAR 2018, in the best of Budapest survey awarded 8 April 2019.

Antipasti, olives, crayfish, stuffed and roasted peppers

The antipasti we sell include olives, crayfish in oils, stuffed peppers, tomatoes (semi-dry, dry), and peppers stuffed with goat cheese.

You have a good reason to ask: are these all prepared by Grandma? Well, most of it not, but she makes pepperoni stuffed with goat cheese, yellow pepper and rattle chillies. This is completely manual work but it’s worthwhile because they are delicious. We also offer homemade duck liver and goose liver pâtés of various flavours, even with cep. We also have pâtés refined with cognac, but we also offer fully plain ones.

It’s definitely worth trying them!

Boiled garlic shrimp

Boiled turmeric shrimp


Stuffed peppers

Roasted peppers

Homemade and imported cheeses

Our cheeses represent excellent high and clean quality. They do NOT contain any additives or artificial colouring! Our homemade artisan cheeses are made of real farm milk, and come from a clear environment. They are NOT produced from vegetable fat. We recommend them with all our hearts as we know it well that our homemade products are wonderful and are made with the producers’ heart and soul in it.

Goat cheeses, ewe cheese - plain, mixed garden herbs, Provence herbs and spices and camembert

Goats and sheep are bred and kept under natural and animal-friendly circumstances. The excellent welfare of our livestock is ensured by excellent treatment and a healthy diet. Our goats and sheep are kept free-range around the year. From spring to fall they graze grass on clean pastures and in winter they are fed mostly hay and straw. In addition, they also feed on clean fodder.

Homemade parenica cheeses

Our homemade parenica cheeses - plain and with red onions, ramson, chilli, garlic and pepper – are smoked with setim wood, beech and cherry tree, only in the traditional manner.

Imported cheeses

Some favourite import cheeses
Unsere Import Käsen, Murol, Emmentali, Mimolette, Münster, Neufchátel, La Roulé, Le Brin, Laruns, Langress, Fourme D'Ambert, Dauphin, Livaret, Pavé D'Affinois, Pérail, Pont L'Evéque, Rigotte, Sancerre, Reblechon, Brie Saint-Albrami, Saint-Agur, Saint-Nectoire, Tamie

Italian cheeses
Gorgonzola, Grana Padano, Provolone, Raschera stb.

English cheeses
Silton, Basign, Cheshire, Double Worcester, stb.

Fresh home grown homestead raw meats

Fresh, home-grown homestead chicken

Every single day at 2 :00 at dawn our own plucking women pluck our own free-range kept chicken!

When at dawn our own vehicle brings up the freshly plucked whole chickens, we chop them up right away. (Chicken breasts, thighs, wings are NOT coming from chickens chopped up somewhere else. Here, all parts are put into the refrigerating display cabinets, once we chop them up OURSELVES.

We offer to our customers real homestead bred chicken kept free range and fed natural fodder, and bred in a clean and reliable environment. We are NOT talking about animals kept and tortured in cages for 20 days that are fed industrial soybeans, fish meal and genetically manipulated and hormone-treated foodstuff! These chickens are slaughtered between their 80-120 days! Their main feed is corn, wheat, barley, and millet, and of course plenty of greens. Naturally, we do NOT put any antibiotics into their drinking water, because they are not sick animals. They are bred on natural feed under proper circumstances, so their meat is healthy, rich in fibre and tasty. The meat of industrially grown chicken also contains water which is injected into their body! The meat of our chickens is not watery.

The meat of our chickens is exceptionally tasty and healthy because they can move around freely, breathe in fresh air, feed on natural nutrition and grow at a slow pace. Our business could survive for 18 years only because of this reliable, clean and high quality!

Duck, goose, hens, Guinea fowl, turkey – fatty products

Poultry meat (chicken, duck, goose, hens, Guinea fowl, turkey) is rich of all essential amino acids. Our fatty ducks, geese and turkeys are not bred in cages and spend their lives lying on dry litter.

We provide them with clean drinking water as it is very important!

Ducklings are nursed by hens and nesting turkey hens. We feed the ducklings and the other fatty poultry with pulpy clean fodder at their young age. In the first week we mix some boiled eggs into their feed, then corn, barley, millet, wheat and vegetables. We feed them 5-6 times a day.

They do NOT get antibiotics, hormones and they are NOT manipulated genetically. They come from a clean and reliable environment!

Raw goose liver and duck liver

Our fatty ducks and geese are not kept in cages and do not rest on dry litter. They do NOT get antibiotics, hormones and they are NOT genetically manipulated. They come from clean and reliable environment!

Raw red meat (beef, pork)

The most important thing is that our live-stock feel comfortable. Our cattle and pigs live in harmony with nature. We breed our livestock in a deliberate way, by protecting the environment. We ensure the best circumstances for our livestock and this is how we can produce high-quality products. We breed only meat cattle, and we offer only non-dairy cattle for our customers.

Minced meat (chicken, beef, pork)

Roast meats

Crispy skin and juicy soft meat hiding under it reflect that we made something perfect. Our tasty real homemade roasts are unparalleled. Every day we pick high-quality parts from freshly chopped meat of home grown live-stock for making wonderful tasty roasts and delicacies available for you right from the pan or oven.

Roasted fatty goose liver and duck liver

Roasted marinated pork chops and roasted marinated medallions

Roasted duck breast, duck thighs, goose breast, goose thighs

Roasted chicken breast, roasted medallions, spare ribs, pork chops, roasted pork and other roasts

Homemade blood sausage and liver sausages, homemade sausages

Roast pancetta

Homemade smoked farm goods – rich flavours of the countryside

Flavours of the countryside – there is a small family business whose members are close friends of ours. Our relationship is through thick and thin. I can feel their desperation that is so generally felt in Hungary. Why? Because we are being suffocated deliberately. In this country multinational companies are a lot better off, they are protected and supported through all types of preferences. But I don’t want to talk about it now. I would rather tell you how this family tries to serve you through us.

They start to fry cracklings very early at dawn (pork, Mangalitza, goose) so that we can serve it fresh for you when we open our shop. They always freshly fill the sausages and smoke them in a traditional way. Their homemade marinated and boiled garlic ”erdélyi” bacons are unique and heavenly (pepper, plain, smoked-marinated ”csécsi-type” ). Their brawn is a real work of art.

We are glad to bring these delicacies for you and, believe me, we are also glad that with our cooperation such a hard-working couple can survive. We do not bring smoked goods to sell from other places, only from our friends, who, never sparing their hands, even clean the garlic themselves and never use anything that is pre-processed. They work only with Hungarian ingredients, and this is why we can identify with them and this is why we like them.

Our selection:
homemade liver pâtés
homemade bacon
homemade brawn
homemade pork, mangalitza, duck and goose cracklings
sausages, cracklings, meat jellies, and lots of other mouth-watering delicacies

Smoked-marinated goose liver

Homemade cooked ham with freshly grated horseradish

Our real homemade smoked hams are NOT fast-cured, NOT genetically manipulated, and NOT injected! These hams are kept in salt for 4 weeks, then marinated for another 4 weeks in a marinade made with garlic, onion and spices, then we smoke them for 14 consecutive days in a traditional manner (NOT with artificial smoke) by using cherry tree wood, acacia and beech. Then they rest in the curing chambers for almost 3 weeks. These genuine homemade hams are prepared for almost 3 months. This is why they are so tasty as we follow the rules that old people always knew, that things take time to do right. Later on, when we cook our homemade hams, we soak them in cold water for 3 days so that they would not be so salty then we simmer them with lots of garlic and onion for 3-4 hours until they get tender.

We offer our customers our divine delicious real homemade cooked ham with freshly grated homemade horseradish over the year. Here in Grandma’s Shop of Homemade Goodies we are convinced that clean liver-stock breeding and clean food result in bodily integrity and spiritual growth!

Therefore, we always keep in mind what the old used to say and what is just as true today YOU BECOME WHAT YOU EAT AND DRINK!

Smoked, cured homemade bacon

We sell homemade bacons, including salty, ”Kolozsvár” type and English bacon. All our products are prepared in the traditional way without any additives in the country’s best family farms. Only Hungarian products!

Freshly fried homemade cracklings

Our freshly fried homemade goose cracklings, duck cracklings, pork cracklings and mangalitza-cracklings are always prepared from body fat picked from our own butchered animals, after careful selection. The freshly fried cracklings do NOT contain any milk and other additives and flavour enhancers. Our homemade goose and duck and pork fat is clean quality in 100%. After cutting the body fats up into cubes we do not add anything to the freshly drawn body fat, we just put it in one of our huge crackling frying pans and we start to slowly fry the cleaned and selected fat cubes over low fire continuously stirring it. Heavenly clean real homemade delicacy!

Wonderful homemade goose lives and duck liver pâtés

Our wonderful homemade pâtés are made only from clean raw ingredients. They do NOT contain any additives and other artificial colouring or preservatives. They contain in 80% clean duck liver and goose liver, in 20% duck grease, goose grease, salt, pepper, onion and garlic. Our pâtés are freshly produced each week so that our customers are always offered impeccable high quality. We deeply care about providing the best, thus our customers are always fully satisfied when we step out from our shop as they can rely on us to get high, clean and homemade quality.

Homemade cold-cuts

Our homemade cold-cuts are unique and superb.


Cooked peppered beef tongue

Homemade veal cold-cuts

Homemade brawn

Our brawn is a real piece of art.

Homemade drippings

In Grandma’s Shop of Homemade Goodies we keep only homemade fats (goose, duck, white pork and mangalitza) that we prepare ourselves and fill in cca. half kg packages. They do not contain any additives, colouring and other raising agent.

Our recipe is very simple: make it as your grandma used to make it!

Fresh homemade butter

Our homemade butter is made from 100% clean homemade cream. It does NOT contain any additives, food colouring, preservatives and other EEEEE industrial toxins!

Our homemade butter is different from the butter that you can buy in the food stores not only when it comes to its taste but also regarding its natural components.

The butter you can buy in stores contains toxins in a large quantity and unhealthy artificial trans fatty acids from plants. These are proven to be carcinogenic and completely destroy the human body.

Our real butter is made from cream, which is on the surface of homemade milk, and which we remove from the top and whip manually or by using a mixer.

Our wonderful fresh homemade spreads

Day by day we prepare our clean fresh homemade spreads with all our hearts.

When mixing our spreads we do NOT use any preservatives, additives, flavour enhancers or any other types of toxins or chemicals used in food industry.

The freshness of our products is of utmost importance for us. Therefore, we are committed to making sure that our customers can always get the high-quality goods they have been used to for more than 18 years.

Our cep and chanterelle spreads are produced from freshly picked ceps and chanterelle. Our egg spread is made from real homestead eggs and not from egg powder. Our avocado spread is prepared from real fresh avocado, our salmon spread from fresh smoked salmon, our tuna spread from fresh Rio de Maré tuna. We make our cream of goose cracklings from freshly fried real homemade goose cracklings, our mangalitza spread from fresh real homemade mangalitza cracklings. For our spinach spread we use fresh spinach and 100% genuine Greek feta cheese. We produce our eggplant spread by using fresh eggplant that we bake in the over with garlic. We use only summer eggplants for the eggplant spread, which we bake well in the over with garlic, then preserve in olive oil for the winter. This way we have delicious eggplant spread from real home grown eggplant in the winter, too. We use ten types of olives for our olive spread, and our ”zacusca” vegetable spread from various tasty greens (beans, tomatoes, garlic, onion, carrots and plenty of other delicious vegetables). Our sirloin spread is made from freshly marinated beef sirloin and I could go on forever listing our savoury real homemade spreads.

Homemade cep spread
Homemade chanterelle spread
Homemade cottage cheese spread
Homemade ewe cheese spread
Homemade salmon spread
Homemade tuna spread
Homemade eggplant spread
Homemade avocado cream
Homemade olive spread
Homemade cream of mangalitza cracklings
Homemade cream of goose cracklings
Homemade zacusca vegetable spread
Homemade feta cheese cream with spinach
Homemade egg spread
Homemade egg salad
Homemade potato salad
Homemade pesto
Homemade spread from pork knuckles with horseradish
Homemade sirloin spread

Fresh homemade cakes

These homemade delicacies are prepared by diligent hands every single day. We try doing it to the best of our knowledge. In addition to adhering to the recipe to the last letter, the secret ingredient of our homemade cakes is that we prepare it with all our love – and success is guaranteed!

Everybody knows well that there is no match to real homemade delicacies. What we know well is that using quality ingredients makes baking fun. We are also aware that we can achieve high quality only by using the possible best quality ingredients paired with quality skills, not sparing time and energy. No extra food can be made from low-quality ingredients. Good quality ingredients will not only produce better flavour or consistency, but such food and cakes that are clearly healthier than the poorer quality versions.

If taste and sight match that makes real quality homemade cakes. Good cakes can only be made from quality ingredients. It is the quality of the flour, milk, eggs and butter that give real flavour to our cakes. We prepare all the sweets traditionally by using farm milk, homemade cream, homemade butter, farm eggs and high-quality 1st class flour. We use dairy products of animal origin, real farm milk, real homemade butter and real homemade cream.

We are well aware that cheap price does not guarantee good quality. We, in Grandma’s Shop of Homemade Goodies believe for more than 18 years that what you see must match the taste sensation you feel.

Fresh, home-grown vegetables and fruits

From spring to autumn we try to purchase scrupulously planted vegetables and fruits from meticulously tended gardens. Almost every summer we receive spring onions, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cucumber, horseradish, cherries, raspberries, red currants, sour cherries, apples and lots of other delicacies from small private gardens and orchards.

This way we try to help those small pensioners who still have to make a living at the age of 70. Actually, we feel real good about helping them, thus helping small farmers against the big multinational companies who often only exploit them.

Freshly picked ceps and chanterelle

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