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About us

”To be happy you have to do two things:
first you have to believe that your life has a meaning.
Secondly, you have to find what it is.”
Lev Tolstoy

Our family business started in 2003 in a greengrocer's pavilion shop in the 8th district. Working hard to develop ourselves and our business we finally settled in the 1st district, Pauler street in 2005, which still serves as our official seat and where, in addition to the selection of vegetables, we also offer the real home-made flavours of our country.


Grandma’s Shop of Homemade Goodies deserved again the prize of TOP10 delicatessens of Budapest, awarded by the culinary magazine ”Magyar Konyha”. Our shop is now included in the publication of ’TOP10 BUDAPEST GASZTROKALAUZ’, year 2018 and year 2019 editions.

Prize of TOP10 delicatessens of Budapest, awarded by the culinary magazine ”Magyar Konyha” 2019

Prize of TOP10 delicatessens of Budapest, awarded by the culinary magazine ”Magyar Konyha” 2018, publication of ’TOP10 BUDAPEST GASZTROKALAUZ’ of the culinary magazine ”Magyar Konyha” 2019

’TOP10 BUDAPEST GASZTROKALAUZ’ 2018, publication of ’TOP10 BUDAPEST GASZTROKALAUZ’ of the culinary magazine ”Magyar Konyha” 2018, Prize of TOP10 delicatessens of Budapest, awarded by the culinary magazine ”Magyar Konyha” 2018

The magazine BEST OF BUDAPEST have chosen Grandma’s Shop of Homemade Goodies AMONGST THE BEST GOURMET SHOPS OF YEAR 2018, in the best of Budapest survey awarded 8 April 2019..


Ars poetica

Working well is not the only goal we have, we also want to embellish our natural environment, to make people happy with our tasty homemade products, but we want everything we do to reflect our gratitude for the life we may have here on Earth. We and our friends are a real family, and we have an amazing vocation as we may be related to the delicacies expressing the biggest secrets and to their creation. I am particularly grateful for the faith we were given! We are grateful that we can work today too by the grace of God.

We needed lots of patience to progress continuously and persistently on the path towards our increasingly authentic and better homemade products. A clear way of thinking, however, always helped us to set off in the good direction. The owner’s person and her way of thinking, the way she has been managing her business for decades guarantee extremely high quality for the customers. This ensures and shows the evenly excellent quality of our products.

Forgács Judit TulajdonosIt is generally agreed that we need really good quality base material in order to make our homemade products the best. We emphasise that even if we work with the best quality ingredients but our way of thinking is "tainted" and we do not put our heart into our work one day after the other, unfortunately it is just enough to change the appearance and taste of the homemade goods that we produce. We are well aware of the fierce competition. It is not only what our products are like and where they come from that count, but it is also very important how we present them.

The quality of our homemade products is determined by our way of thinking. We are sure that all "faithful" producers and tradesmen strive for producing such goods that bring them real recognition and professional appreciation in their business. This is what makes us live, drives us and encourages us. We would like to prove that we are capable of creating something real good, of producing unforgettable delicious homemade goods.

In our opinion, if one reaches such a high level of quality and is able to maintain it in an unbroken, steadfast way for decades, then one’s enterprise may rightly become a prestige business and his products iconic products that may encourage other enthusiastic entrepreneurs as well.

The essence of our homemade products is to give something unique and inimitable. Grandma’s Shop of Homemade Goodies is able to do that. We launched our business in January 2003 in search of harmony, but actually we started thorough planning way before 2003. We keep searching for harmony in these products and food, but mainly in ourselves. This is a decades-long enterprise for us, permanent development and journey.

Each one of our homemade products reflects dedication and depth. We compiled a refined and delicate sortiment by using our imagination, clear thinking and skills, which provides profound experience for everybody. You can taste strength, our humble and respectful attitude and love.

Our way of thinking represents very high quality manifested in our products. Our goods are on such a high level of quality that you can come across very rarely in Hungary, or maybe never before. We are committed to the final goal of producing such real homemade goods that would inspire you to gain new experiences, to have a nice chat and to enjoy life: we have hidden a thought or a smile in each of our delicious homemade goodies.

Judit Forgács

Our philosophy

Our goal is to create a community around our shop of those who like traditionally prepared food. Delicious and imaginative tastes from their childhood, resembling to those that they experienced in their grandparents’ house.

These products represent a completely different category of nourishment than those on the shelves of the hypermarkets. We are aware of and believe that good and delicious food can only be prepared form excellent ingredients. And our main objective is to provide you with these ingredients.

Our grandparents knew, how to prepare really good dishes. In today’s rushing world the importance of this seems to be diminishing. However we should not forget that we are made of what we eat.

We are doing our best to raise awareness that industrially prepared food is often of dubious quality, but this however does not bother some profit-oriented businesses.

We pay attention to provide you with productsthat are traditionally prepared. Our hams are for example ripened in salt pickle and smoked as it used to be before the industrial preparation arrived.

This has been our philosophy since we created Grandma’s Grocery.

Community roles

We are just a family like any other. The basic principles of our lives respect the rules of the nature, and we fell far from those who try to live as if humans were not part of the nature.

We love nature! My grandfather taught me that if you see your horse drinking from a stream, you may also drink of it. Nowadays, few people have horses, and the streams are dirty and hardly any fish live in them. Humans are by now in such distant relation with their environment that they are not any more able to transfer the rules to their children of how to live in harmony with nature.

The products offered in Grandma’s Grocery are packaged in recycled wrapping and our boxes and other packaging all try to respect the environment, within the limits of the applicable bureaucratic regulations.

Unfortunately, many laws were not passed to help environment consciousness, but we hope, that the world will soon change in this respect too.



Grandma’s Grocery     Address: 1st district, at 5, Pauler street (near Post Office)     Telephone: 36-1-202-73-93
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