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Platters, organizations:
We undertake the preparation of platters and organization of small family events.


The passion we inherited from our grandparents set a direction for our thinking about the quality for life. Today our commitment to our homemade products and our perseverance are reflected not only in our products but also in the positive consequences in our career and life.

Outsiders perhaps see only the success in our thinking, but you have to pay the price of success everywhere. Owing to our results, our customers have understood our way of thinking almost right from the beginning. For us high-quality homemade products have always been the most important and came first and foremost, but life is full of twists and turns that we have to face, still - we never let quality deteriorate!

This way of thinking brings about lots of restraints and plenty of tasks, this is the significant difference between the individual businesses. Therefore, setting up such a type of business is not an attractive role for a person with average thinking as it requires a huge amount of work and continuous mind work – and last but not least it needs plenty of cash, a high sense responsibility and involves risks! You need fortitude here day in day out and you have to keep facing technical challenges. But still, we know we are in the right place, because we found our way, and we are in our element! We feel good about what we are doing as we found the peace of our mind in our work and our souls are not troubled.

Grandma’s Grocery     Address: 1013 Budapest, 1st district, at 5, Pauler street     Telephone: 36-1-202-73-93
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